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Bored Grace & The Ripped Neighbor (18+)
By on January 3rd, 2023. Stories (+18 Adult Stories)

Grace yawned loudly as she finally finished her Saturday chores, the work was surely easier with all the cool and fancy kitchen accessories her madam had but it was still energy consuming especially on Saturdays when her chores were more.

The house was empty and for some reason Grace did not really like that.

Her madam went to her shop while the husband also went out. The eldest son went to play basketball and the younger son went to visit a friend. The big silent house felt really lonely making her wish she could go out too.

She dragged herself to the balcony to watch the traffic on the street and hopefully catch some drama. Immediately she looked down her eyes settled on a guy lifting locally made weights, as he moved the cement dumbells in his hand his muscles flexed beautifully and she couldn’t take her eyes off them.

The sweat that covered and dripped from him made his body glisten, making his really toned body look so edible. Grace pictured tracing his muscles with her fingers and she felt a tingle down south followed by a small leak of moisture. She stared harder when her eyes found the outline of his dick from his sweat-soaked shorts.

When he dropped the dumbells and pick up another set of heavier ones his dick moved around making her subconsciously lick her lips. Her brain started to move in all directions trying to figure out how to get in his shorts, she’s seen him a couple of times before sitting outside but was always in too much hurry to pay attention to him.

Like he could feel her intense gaze on him he looked up and caught her staring. She did not look away so they stared each other down communicating with their eyes. When he smirked she knew he was thinking the same thing so she dramatically licked her lips, she was sure when he dropped the dumbells and tilted his head to the side and headed inside.

Without thinking, she left the balcony and headed to the door. She locked the door and hurriedly descended the stairs taking it two steps at a time. When she got to the ground floor she remembered she did not know which of the doors was his. Was it the door at the left or the door at the right.

Contemplating on her decision a lock clicked and she turned towards the stairs when the door opened and he stood there with a towel around his neck looking all shades of sexy, his shorts were pulled down a little showing off the toned V that leads to the special place she would love to visit.

“Sooo” He started pulling her eyes back to her face

“What’s it gon be” He said with a smirk

Grace couldn’t get her brain to form words so she just walked to him and walked past him into his flat. His house was positioned differently from theirs and even looked more different with his deep blue walls and two Grey chairs facing each other separated by a small glass table but what really caught her attention was his massive television.

“I know! She’s a beauty” He said standing beside her

She did not understand what he said but she nodded her head as she did. An awkward silence fell between them making her look at the different drawings and paintings he had hanging on the wall

“You like the artwork?” He asked her

“I like you” She said without thinking

He chucked and came to stand in front of her

“Is that so” he asked and she nodded

“Show me” he said

She moved her hand and trace a line on his biceps up to his shoulders before moving down to his pecs as she moved lower her fingers brushed his nipple and he shuddered. She suddenly felt like running her tongue on it, like reading her thoughts his eyes narrowed dangerously

“Don’t do that except you want to get fucked hard” He said in a serious tone

Challenge accepted, she covered the space between them and covered his nipple with her mouth before slowly running her tongue over the hard knob making him growl. He instantly put his big hands on her waist and carried her like she weighed nothing.

He dropped her behind one of the chairs and bent her over roughly. Grace could feel herself getting wetter and she wanted more. He lifted her skirt and growled deeply when he saw she had no panties on.

He grabbed and squeezed her ass hard before spanking her even harder making her moan softly. She had a condom wrapper tear open making her pussy drip in anticipation.

He held her waist with one hand and lined his covered dick to her entrance

“Are you ready for me” he asked rubbing his the head against her sopping wet pussy

She answered by pushing her ass against his hard dick, he growled and plunged into her making her gasp softly. He pulled out completely and slammed into her making her moan deeper.

Holding onto her waist with both hands he started slamming into her with so much strength making her gasp and moan louder.

She enjoyed everything from the way her body was going back and forth with his movements like she was a rag doll to the scent of sweat mixed with their juices and she wanted more. Before she could ask him he used one hand and grabbed her hair making her arch her back.

He slammed in and out of her roughly grunting and mumbling as he moved. Her fingers dug into the leather of the sofa as he picked up pace slamming into her harder and faster. He pulled her by the hair until she was almost standing before he released her hair and wrapped the free hand around her neck. She wasn’t getting enough air and it was making her dizzy but she loved it.

As he tightened the grip on her neck she felt it, she was going to come hard. Her hands frantically trying to grab onto something found his thigh and she dug her nails into them crying out loud as her orgasm hit her. Everything went black as her body began to spasm hard, her juices dripped down her thighs as he moved in and out of her faster.

The hand on her waist came up and grabbed her boobs squeezing painfully hard

“Oh fuck fuck fuckkkk” he groaned out loudly as he filled the rubber with his hot load.

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