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Erotic Story: Tally, And so we fucked! +21
By on December 29th, 2022. Stories (+18 Adult Stories)

My lips felt swollen from the drugging kisses he was giving me. The Man in a Suit, as I called him. He licked in and into my lips, dragging deep exhales from me. I was flat on the bed and he was above me, resting on his elbows with his fingers in my splayed braids all over the pillows. I was beginning to think all he was going to do was kiss my lips, and as if he heard my thoughts, he began to trail kisses down my body.

He dusted his lips and tongue and teeth from one end of my right clavicle to the other end of my left. He kissed down my chest, in between my breasts then he held my breasts together and kissed and sucked them. Round and round, avoiding my nipples till I was dragging his head to the nipple closest to his lips. Mewls erupting from my open mouth as tingles went up and down my spine.

He smiled against my skin then, before I could beg, latched onto my left nipple and sucked. Hard.

I gasped and arched my back, forcing more of my nipple into his mouth. As he sucked, his other hand tweaked and flicked my right nipple, causing me to gasp in pleasure. Soon, he continued his journey from my breasts, with a little protest from me mind you! He kissed down to my belly and sucked on the little mound of fat I had there. I was in so much ecstasy, I forgot to suck in my tummy as I usually did.

He licked and sucked at every bit of skin he could find, his hands now on my hips with his fingers across my buttocks. Squeezing in unison with each suck at my navel.

I was beginning to unravel.

I did not have to pretend to be an untried meek girl, this man was playing me like a xylophone!

Suddenly, he flipped me over so I was lying on my belly. I looked over my shoulder to see him staring at the dimples above my buttocks. He looked up and saw me, a concentrated stare on his face as he licked his lips slowly. Then he smiled.

Just before he spread the cheeks of my buttocks open.

‘Chineke! What are you doing?’ I bleated.

He laughed out loud, not letting go of my cheeks. ‘Have you ever been rimmed?’

I gasped, shocked! Was he really going to….? No way! I had, countless times but, as much as I wanted him to, I had to remember what I was trying to portray.

‘Oh my God, is that real? No no no oh. Please not tonight. I have never and I don’t think I’m ready.’

My arse hole flinched its protest at my denial.

My face was pressed tight against the pillow with my eyes closed, so I did not see him bend even further. But I felt a cool breeze wash over my hole as he blew and I moaned.

‘One day,’ he whispered then he let go of my butt. Jesu Kristi, I wailed inwardly. This guy!

This guy!!!

He continued kissing on me, but this time he kissed down my spine. His fingers trailed my back slowly then round and round my buttocks to my thighs. All I could do was writhe on the bed as he played me like an expert with his talented mouth and hands.

He suddenly stopped touching me and I looked over my shoulder again to see what he was doing. He was staring at my open legs and arse while fisting and stroking his cock. Up and down.

I opened my legs even further.

He gave a deep groan then smacked my buttocks. I jumped, the pain startling me before a slow burn went straight to my clit.

Fucking hell!

He got off the bed and bent to pick his trousers from the floor. He got his wallet out and removed a condom before tearing with his teeth and rolling the lubed latex down his hard, turgid cock. His cock was a monster, by the way. Not overly long like porn stars, but thick.

Oh so thick.

He got back on the bed and held my buttocks again before sliding my legs up abruptly. I was lying with my arse in the air, my face pressed against the bed and my hands fisting the sheets by my side.

‘I need to be in you.’ He said this as he lay on my upturned body, his lips by my ear. Whispering these words so softly. ‘I need to fuck this body that made my dick so hard the moment it stepped into the bar. I need to pound my frustration into you. I need to make sure you don’t walk properly for hours. Days. I want you to feel me and know that I exist.’My mouth fell open at his words. This guy was foreplay personified. His mouth. His hands. His freaking words.

He kissed my ear then straightened, he rubbed my buttocks almost lovingly, held it gently…

Then he fucked into me so hard and deep that my eyes rolled back as I wailed like a banshee. This didn’t stop him. He was like a machine. Like his gentle touch had been a harbinger to the storm that whirled in him. He was relentless in his fucking. All I could do was hold unto the bedsheet for dear life as he rammed into me like an angry god.

‘Fuck you feel good.’

‘Your pussy is so fucking tight.’

‘I can fuck you all night.’

He grunted filthy words as he fucked me deeper and deeper into the bed. Then…


I screamed, the intense pleasure-pain fence I was straddling began to wobble. I could feel my climax building as he kept on smacking and fucking me. I squeezed a hand in between my body and the bed and began rubbing my clit. He saw what I was doing and it made him fuck me even harder! Where he got the extra strength from, I don’t know, but the sex was so good that my screams had turned silent. My mouth remained open, and at the back of my mind I knew I was drooling but I didn’t care.

Soon he began slow but deep strokes into me. He fucked in then paused. Fucked then paused.

‘I’m gonna cum soon, babe.’ He panted.

I clenched my cunt walls immediately he said this and he groaned harshly.

‘Fuck, I want to bathe your walls with my cum but….urghhhhh,’ he whispered harshly as he fucked then paused again.

Then he began to jerk in me. I could feel him cumming. This set me off and I came so hard and loud that my vision dimmed for a few seconds.

I came back to myself, feeling his heavy body on me. We were both panting heavily.

‘Fuck, that was good.’ He said this with a quiet laugh.

I smiled to myself at this.

He looked at me then leant in to kiss my sweaty shoulder.

‘I want to do this again. Soon. Are you sore?’ He asked, his lids drooping as he struggled to remain awake.

I simply kissed his lips and felt them smile against mine…

Then he was off. Deep breaths that changed to snores as I watched him for a few minutes.

Once I was sure he was properly out, I slid from the bed gingerly, wincing as my sore pussy protested. I dressed up quickly, grabbed my bag and heels and tiptoed out of the room, shutting the door with a soft click.


As I drove back home, my thoughts still on the mind-blowing sex I had just had, my phone rang.

Hunh!? Who could be calling me at this late hour? I looked at the time and saw it was 1.30am, then scrambled to pick up my phone from the cup holder.


I sighed and shook my head before picking, ‘Ogini?’

‘You’re mad! You that you left like that, you’re asking me ogini.’ She retorted. ‘So, are you home abiyou went to some other club with that fine as hell man?’

I laughed as she whistled the ‘man’.

‘Well, I’m on my way home, if that’s what you are asking.’

‘Ahhhh, did you score?’

‘Baby gel, I don’t even know if I scored or he scored or we both scored. It was…fire!’

We laughed dirtily at this.

‘Oya, so what are we on now? I can’t keep track again.’

I smiled to myself as I went through my tally, silently.

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