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Call Me Everyday Chris Brown Ft Wizkid 2:26
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By on January 7th, 2023. Stories (+18 Adult Stories)

“Take off your clothes,” he said.
I knew what was coming. I could already see that his c#<k was getting ready again, I had just s#cked him off and swallowed his huge load of c#m but his c%ck was already half turgid once more. He was the type of man who could come many times. Exactly the kind of man I like, so I quickly stood up and began stripping out of my cloth&s. I saw his eyes almost bulge out as he looked at my large b+-bs which had been hidden by the loose kaftan I was wearing.
“No, don’t remove your Hijab’’ He commanded as I made to take off my head covering ‘’I have been fantasizing about f-
# king a woman clad in hijab for a very long time’’ he said as he looked at my xposed lush b0dy. I am not fat, just curvy in all the right places and not to sound vain, I know that I have got a beautiful b#dy.
“Beautiful,” he said. “I almost didn’t believe the pictures of them.”
My p_s-y grew warm under his admiring stare as I remembered that I had been made to send n&de pictures to this man. I felt a subconscious shame from deep within me but at the same time I felt flushes as I peeled off my only item of cloth+-g remaining, a flimsy pant-e$ that was just a piece of gauze, I had followed my pimp’s instructions to the letter.
By the time I finished undre&sing and stood in front of him in nothing more than my white hijab, I saw that his c-$k was nodding hard again, with pre-c&m covering the tip.
“Baby!” he gasped. As he moved closer to me and placed my hands on his c+&k. I touched his c+&k and felt it jump underneath my fingers. I shivered as his hand went up the back of my thig#s and touched my full b#tto*ks.
“I want to put my tongue in your c#nt,” he said.
“Oh yes,” I said. “I want that, too.”
He drew me closer and I felt his hot tongue touching my thig*s. I quickly spread my thighs farther apart and bent a little backward. I opened up the pink lips of my already dripping c&nt to his tongue. I had come to relish being eaten, Ibrahim’s pimping me out has opened my eyes to a lot of sexu*l pleasure that I did not know existed. Even if I could not practice my growing slut#ines with Alhaji my husband, I had lots of ready customers who were ready to take me to heights hitherto unknown sexu#_ly.
His tongue flickered on my cl#t and swiped to my c&nt hole licked away the juices already pooling there and then his tongue slipped up ins_de me.
“Oooooh,” I gasped. “That fee<ls good. That fee<ls so nice!”
His tongue tou%ched my cl%it and made a spas%m of excite%ment shake my body. He used his tong%ue and li%ps on my c%lit until she was weak with des%ire, screaming wantonly as I held his head tightly and clamped it to my gripping pu*%ssy with my th*+ighs in a vice. He pried his head lose of my strangle hold and then sho-+ved two fingers inside my pu/+ssy hole, finger fuck*%ing me rapidly with them even as his tongue continued to s%uck on my stiff cl%it, causing me to scream as my org-as-m explo*-ded through my body. The man kept suc*-king and suc*-king all the juices my bo*+dy was producing even as I was bucking up and down and would have fallen off the bed if not for his hands that held my thi*-ghs tightly. My clim*-ax gradually slowed down and I was rele*-ased, I could now see the world but I wanted more.
“I can’t stand it any more,” “I need your co/*ck. I want a big co-+ck inside me.” as I writhe from side to side.
“Sure, baby,” he said.
He stood up and took a cond–*om from the bedside drawer, rolled it on his turgid co/*ck and climbed on top of me. He ent-*ered into me quickly, exactly what I wanted, his big c-+ock sl*+iding smoothly into my hot we*+t hole. His hands went underneath my as*-s and he began to sque-eze me in rhythm to his deep stro/*kes.
“Oh oh oh oh oh,” I screamed. “I nee-*d that. I nee**ded it so bad!”
That was all the cue he needed as he began to fu*-ck me savag+*ely.

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