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Grace gets surprise sex at the shop (18+)
By on January 6th, 2023. Stories (+18 Adult Stories)

Grace flipped through the pages of the magazine at the shop, feeling the day go by just as slowly. She had given up on wishing for a miracle, her madam had traveled but instructed her to stay in the shop in case her customer came to collect her clothes.

All morning Grace had played around with the styles she would like to sew to pass time, she had flipped through all the styles magazine in the shop. Going through the pages was making her even more bored. Maybe she could lock up the shop and make a run to one of her boyfriend’s house; Michael lived barely twenty minutes away. She looked at the time and saw it was barely ten o clock.

“Just thirty minutes,” She said to herself

She carried her bag and started to look for her key when a lady walked into the shop

“Where your madam,” she asked when grace was about to greet her

“She travel” Grace answered

Behind the girl was a guy that stood by the door looking everywhere but at them

“Na when she go come back” She asked flipping through one of the magazines

“Next tomorrow” Grace answered

“I need make she sew cloth for me but I no fit come back next tomorrow,” She said

“I fit take your measurement of you, show me the style,” She said

The lady made a face Grace wanted to punch, she was almost done with her apprenticeship and she knew how to take measurements even for complicated styles.

“Errrrmm” She mumbled looking at the style in the magazine

“Okay,” She said looking defeated

Grace almost wished she didn’t offer to measure her, she opened a blank page in the measurements book and carried out the measuring tape

“Wetin be your name” Grace asked

“Angela” She answered

Grace wrote it down before going to stand beside the girl, she looked at the style and measured her height, she measured her waist and the length of the sleeves. The guy was staring at them and for a moment grace thought she saw him looking at her.

She wrapped the tape around the lady to measure her boobs; her breasts would certainly look great in the gown she chose. After Grace finished, the girl left a deposit and said she would discuss the price with her madam. They all left with the guy barely saying anything, even though she didn’t like the girl’s attitude she was glad they came in.

She sat down to study the style.

“Good afternoon”

The voice brought her head up from the practice paper she was working on. It’s was the guy that came with the girl earlier

“Good afternoon” she greeted back

“She forget something” Grace asked

“Ermm no I just wanted to see you” He said walking closer

“Okay,” she said standing up

“I think I like you” He said coming closer

Grace looked at him from head to toe, he looked good and tall. Her eyes stopped at his crotch with his slight bulge protruding, she suddenly wanted to get on her knees and find out. She went towards the door and closed it from the inside, the lights were on. He opened his mouth to say something but closed it back.

She walked towards him her eyes locked on his. When they were standing inches away from each other she reached for his crotch letting her hand slide on his growing bulge, he felt big and that excited her. She squatted between his legs and started to fumble with his belt, he joined her and unbuckled his belt and quickly unzipped his trousers.

She pulled down his trousers and his boxer smiling at his hard dick that sprang out. Her pussy tingled as she licked off the precum; she wanted his dick pounding into her dripping pussy. She stood up and pulled down her pants, she bunched up her gown and turned around to bend over the table.

He grabbed her waist rubbing his dick in between her ass cheeks. He spread open her cheeks and slid his dick into her pussy making her moan. She pushed into him meeting his movement with her own, he grabbed her waist and pumped faster into her. Grace held on tight unto the table praying the sewing machine doesn’t fall off as he pounded into her pussy fast and hard, she could feel it she was so close and so was he.

She should tell him to pull out but she wanted more so she backed into him pushing her ass out to him. He paid grunting sounds and slammed faster into her, he pushed deep and came hard shooting warm cum up her pussy.

“Una dey sew men cloth” he asked as he pulled out

“Yes” she mumbled

“Wetin be your name” she asked

“John” he said trying to catch his breath.

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