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Grace & Her Madam’s Husband 1 (18+)
By on January 3rd, 2023. Stories (+18 Adult Stories)

Since they fucked in the kitchen, the eldest son and Grace have been fucking early in the morning before anybody wakes up. It was their morning routine and it always left her in a good mood as she did her chores.

Grace looked forward to every morning session with him and she was disappointed when he did not show up today in the morning.

She had gone through her day in a grumpy state not smiling to the customers or laughing at any of the sales girls jokes. When it was time to go home and prepare lunch, Grace was more than happy to be left with her thoughts. The frozen soup she brought out from the freezer was melted enough for her to empty it into the pot she already set on the stove.

She turned the knob after lighting a match and marveled at the blue flame that caught on; their giant gas stove was one of the things that amazed grace about her new house. She liked how easy most of her chores were, it gave her enough time to fantasize and play around. As she turned to fetch water for the Eba from the tap she heard a knock on the door.

Thinking it was the eldest son back early from his lectures she ran excitedly to open the door. With a big smile on and ready to say welcome in a cherry sweet she pulled the door open. The words fell to the floor with her mouth as she saw who stood at the door looking as fine as sin. Her Oga tilted his head slightly to the side as she stopped, trying to stitch her brain together.

She awkwardly moved away from the door mumbling an apology

“I guess it’s a surprise to see me home at this time,” He said surprising Grace.

“I forgot to an important document and decided to come get it at lunchtime” he continued

She did not expect him to explain itself to her and she did not know what to say

“Welcome sir” she finally said

“I dey make Eba sir” she added

“hmmm I haven’t had lunch yet, is it almost ready?” he asked

“Yes sir” she answered not looking at his face

“Okay, then I will wait, get me a glass of juice in the meantime,” He said before walking toward their room.

She quickly got a small tray out and placed a tumbler on it, she took out and filled the glass with a grapefruit juice. Since the day she set eyes on her new Oga she had fantasized about fucking him, she dreamed about stroking his beards while she kissed his lips and for the first time they were alone the house together.

A voice told her to go change into something skimpy and try and seduce him but she was afraid if it went wrong he might tell madam and she will be sent packing.

Before carrying the tray she quickly took off her bra. She knocked at the door and heard his muffled voice saying she should come in. Taking a deep breathe she opened the door and walked inside, it was her first time inside the room and it amazed her.

The bed was big and had so many pillows, there was a big dressing mirror attached to a small drawers table that was filled with all kind of creams and cosmetics. Her Oga was seated at one end of the bed close to a small drawer with a reading lamp on it holding a bunch of papers.

She walked to him and bent down more than necessary to put the drink on the drawer and as expected her top pulled down to show off the swell of her massive boobs.

As she made to stand up she looked up and caught him staring at her boobs, she wanted to squeal with excitement but instead, she held his gaze.

They stared at each other for what felt like forever before she dared a look in between his legs. She couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped her as she saw the outline of his dick

“I’ll take it you like what you see” He suddenly spoke making her jump a little

She looked away shyly, as she looked away at the wall she felt his hand on her face.

“It does not bite but you can bite it” he chuckled lightly

She looked at his erection suddenly wanting nothing more than to feel it in her mouth, like reading her thought he pulled her hands towards it. Slowly she knelt down between his legs and he parted his legs, she looked up at him and locked eyes with him as she slowly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers.

She couldn’t believe this was happening this was the moment she has been waiting for. When his hands wrapped around her, she moaned

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