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Call Me Everyday Chris Brown Ft Wizkid 2:26
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Grace & Her Madam’s Husband II (18+)
By on January 3rd, 2023. Stories (+18 Adult Stories)

If she did not have her palm wrapped around his throbbing dick she would have been sure she was dreaming.

She looked up and saw him watching her and it suddenly made her feel shy. Smiling slightly she tore her gaze from his and focused it on the job at hand.she liked how he felt in her hand so she moved her hand up then down slowly smiling when she had him take a sharp intake of breath, she repeated the motion and got rewarded by a glistening drop of precum that leaked out of his dick hole.

She stroked closer to the head before bending down to lick the precum evoking a deep moan from him. It was a lovely sound and she wanted to hear more so she covered the head with her lips and circled it with her tongue

“oh oh oh fuckkkk” He moaned and held onto the bedsheet

His reaction was turning her on and she wanted to make him lose it, she tightens her lips and moved down engulfing his entire length in her warm wet mouth

“holy shitttt that feels good” He moaned louder

She swallowed making her throat to constrict around him, his moaning got louder and she lifted her head loving the string of saliva that coated his dick. The look he had on was one of complete ecstasy and it filled her with so much pride, she gripped the base of his dick and stroked at the same time she covered him with her mouth.

He mumbled incoherently making her pump and suck him even faster and harder. Whenever she sucked hard on the head he moans louder so she stroked him up and down while sucking the head hard

“Fuc fuuck righht there” He mumbled

Ignoring the cramp in her wrists she stroked him faster and swirled her tongue around his pee hole making him jerk uncontrollably before shooting string after string of hot cum into her mouth without warning.

She swallowed making him grunt deeply before plopping down on the bed. Wiping the trickle of cum that escaped from her mouth with the back of her hand she stood up and took one look at his flaccid dick and smiled to herself

“You go chop now,” She asked sweetly

“Yes please, that Eba sounds like heaven right now,” He said

Grace left feeling suddenly sad because she was asking if he wanted to fuck her brains out but he thought she was asking if he wanted to eat food.

She took out the pot filled with water out of the sink and place it on the stove grateful she turned off the soup before taking him the juice.

After lighting the stove, she sat on the counter beside the sink feeling really sad and horny.

Her skirt hitched when she sat down so she ran a finger up her thigh moaning softly. She lifted herself slightly and pulled her skirt up to her waist. Leaning on the wall she put her feet up on the counter, she shifted her pant to the side and rubbed her clit in a circle.

Dipping a finger in she coated it and used it to rub her clit, biting her lip to stop from moaning out loud she pushed two fingers inside her wet pussy.

Picturing her and the Oga finishing what they started, she tugged her nipples through the shirt picturing him pulling them. Pushing her finger deep inside herself she imagined straddling him and started to grind on her fingers. She placed two fingers in her mouth and sucked while grinding faster. Sliding her wet fingers under her top she circled her nipples and moaned softly.

She imagined him swirling his tongue on her nipples and she ground faster on her fingers. Her tugging on her nipples got harder and more frantic just like her grinding on her fingers. She was close and she wanted to reach it so she shoved her fingers deeper till they were rubbing against her sweet spot.

She lifted up slightly and moved her fingers faster in and out of her dripping wet pussy, Grace the sex possessed housegirl can’t seem to get satisfaction yet.

Remembering how good her Oga’s dick felt sliding in and out of her throat she imagined how good it would feel sliding in and out of her rubbing against her G-spot. Her insides gripped her fingers and her movement got faster and erratic, she bit hard on her lips as she came hard against her fingers. Her juices gushed around her fingers and she pulled them out and instinctively put them in her mouth.

After riding her high for a couple of minutes she got down from the counter and went to turn off the stove. She was about to pour the hot water into the bowl of Garri she set aside where her Oga came into the kitchen holding his briefcase.

“It’s past lunch time I will just get an energy drink, here get yourself something too” He said placing a couple of one thousand naira notes on the counter

“Thank you sir” She called out as he walked out of the kitchen

Immediately he was gone she snatched up the money and counted five notes.

She did a small dance shaking her ass happy that not only did she get to suck her Oga off she didn’t have to eat Eba for lunch too.

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