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Grace & Madam’s First Son Apology Sex (18+)
By on January 3rd, 2023. Stories (+18 Adult Stories)

“Grace! Grace!! Grace!” She heard the eldest son calling her name.

She dropped the small phone she was pressing and shuffled off the bed.

“I dey come” She called out before arranging herself and stepping out into the living room.

On the dining table was the youngest son with his ears plugged with an earpiece and his attention focused on the iPad, he usually uses to play different kinds of games while in the main living room, the eldest son was chatting and laughing with someone opposite him who had his back to her.

Before she got to them the elder son looked up and gestured

“Ehen, bring a glass of juice and some snacks for my guy,” He said motioning to her.

She turned around and headed back to the kitchen.

She got a tray and a small plate before moving to the cabinet with glassware and gently picked out a glass cup, after placing them side by side on the tray she picked out two sachets of chin-chin, tore it open and poured out the chin-chin on the plate before taking out a juice box and pouring some into the glass cup.

She carried it gently back to the living room and dragged a stool beside the seat of the guest and placed the tray on it. The guest was smiling at her when she looked up and she knew he must have been staring at the swell of her breast as she bent down to set the tray down.

Offering a little smile she stood straight and turned to face the elder son

“Anything else,” She asked

She suddenly did not mind waiting on him and his friend that she thought wasn’t bad looking but not as handsome as her Madam son.

“Nah, nothing else, for now, you can go” He answered

As she turned and left heading towards the dining table to go beg the younger son to let her play his games this time when she heard the friend say something in hushed tones

“Chieee! That’s one fineee ass I’m sure you’ve been tapping that eh” The friend said

“ah ah no na mehn God forbid” The son replied

She suddenly felt a pang of pain in her heart, she gets that a big university boy like him didn’t want to admit to his friends that he loves fucking the house girl but did he have to add the God forbid.

Turning around slightly her eyes met with his, with the way he looked slightly terrified she knew he saw the hurt in her eyes. Walking past the dining room, she walked to her room and slammed the door, she was sure they must have heard it but she didn’t care.

How dare him say something like that about her like she was done dirty smelly housegirl that he won’t touch with a long stick, she was clean and took care of herself at least good enough for him to lick her pussy.

She was so angry, she felt like crying and breaking something. Knowing that most of the things in the house were really expensive she just settled down for crying. After what felt like forever she tired herself out and fell asleep. She woke up to someone calling her name softly

“Grace, Gracie! Wake up, Gracie” He called out softly

She opened her eyes and when she saw it was the older son, she glared at him

“Grace, I’m so sorry” He started

“God forbid!” She spat before turning her back to him

“Gracie I swear I didn’t mean it like that, that guy can run his mouth that’s why I said that please forgive me,” He said

When she did not answer, he reached out and touched her shoulder and she shrugged him off

“Please na forgive me, okay here I bought you something to show you how sorry I am,” He said

She did not answer so he placed white supermarket nylon in front of her making sure she could see the contents.

The first thing that caught her eyes was the chocolate, he knew she liked it and she could also see some makeup peeking out. When he reached for her shoulder she did not shrug him off and let him gently pull so she turned to face him. She still frowned

“I am really sorry how can I make you feel better, Gracie, okay I’ll do that thing with my mouth you like,” He said

She didn’t say anything or smile just sat up and slowly threw her legs down from the bed and sat up.

She bunched her skirt up and spread her legs then raised her eyebrows at him like to say “Oya now”.

He wasted no time in sliding off the bed to the floor to pull down her panties. Immediately, she was bared out in front of him, he attacked her pussy making her squeak before moaning as he sucked in her clit, he pushed his tongue in and out fast as his life depended on it.

He placed his hands on her ass and pulled her towards his mouth making her moan louder, his right hand left her ass and soon two fingers gently probed her opening before he pushed it in making her moan louder, she loved feeling full.

He hooked his fingers and moved them till he found the spot that makes her moan loudly before using his free hand to lift the hood of her clit and clamped down on the sensitive nub while moving in and out of her fast making her scream loudly while squeezing in his head with her thighs.

As he moved faster grazing her sweet spot, she grabbed the sheets and jerked hard while screaming loudly before flooding his face with her juices. He lapped and lapped till she started to move back from being so sensitive

“So you forgive me,” he asked licking his lips

“Maybe,” she said before falling back on the bed.

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