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House Girl Grace hijacks Mama Kolade’s sex with boyfriend (18+)
By on January 6th, 2023. Stories (+18 Adult Stories)

Grace could swear she had forgotten something as she got ready to go to her tailoring job. She stopped packing her bag and tip toed outside.

As soon as she was outside the door the sound got clearer

“Ah yes kill am kill am o ehhh yes, it is yours o” The moaning got louder

She smiled to herself realizing the moaning was coming from their Papa Kola room, she couldn’t resist the urge to go see, so she crunched down and tiptoed to their window; she knows how big Papa Kolade’s ‘cassava’ is and wondered why he was giving it good to Mama Kolade all of a sudden seeing all they do is fight.

Mama kolade was lying on the bed with her ass up being pounded viciously by a guy that wasn’t Papa Kolade, the way his muscles flexed and sweat dripping from his body as he slammed hard into Mama Kola made Grace wet.

She watched as Mama Kola’s ass jiggled as they moved. Grace took a step back to get a better view but her leg hit a tin can the children used for playing instantly stopping their fucking. She looked up to see mama kolade’s terrified face feeling disappointed as they scrambled to get dressed. Grace dashed towards their room hearing Mama kola calling after her.

“Grace, Grace abeg wait” Mama Kola called out breathlessly

She stopped and turned around avoiding Mama Kola’s face

“Abeg, Grace no tell anybody” She pleaded

Grace kept quiet knowing the power that she held at that moment.

“I dey beg you with God anything you want I go give” she continued desperately

“Okay” Grace started

“Apart from the money I want another thing” She said looking Mama Kola straight in the eyes

“I wan see una finish una kpansh” She said

Mama Kolade paused for a bit before taking a deep breath

“Oya make we go” Mama Kola said

Turning around she headed to her room and followed, they headed to the room where the guy was seated on the bed with his clothes on.

There was an old chair with clothes on it in the room, grace removed the clothes and sat on the bed and waited for them to start.

The guy looked confused as Mama Kola sat beside him and tried to take off his shirt, he looked at grace then mama kolade and grace again. He seemed to get the message as mama kola took off her clothes and got in bed, she had big boobs that were no longer firm but not completely collapsed either.

Her ass was one of a typical yoruba woman; huge. Grace watched as the guy stood up to take off his trouser, releasing the monster that had got mama kolade dashing him her pussy.

“Put am for her mouth” Grace said

Mama Kola eyes widened and she opened her mouth like to protest but closed it back, she edged off the bed and squated between his legs. Grace watched as mama kola opened her mouth and he pushed his dick into her mouth inch by inch till she couldn’t take it anymore.

She started to move her head up and down coating his dick with her saliva making it look even more delicious, grace could feel her pussy tingling but only kept watching as Mama Kolade sucked hard on his dick like one of the pornstars in some of the bluefilm she watched.

“Oya fuck am hard” Grace said

Mama Kolade climbed into bed and positioned herself like before with her giant back side pushing out, Grace wanted to know what it felt like to squeeze it. He grabbed her ass and guided his dick to her wet busy pussy.

He pushed his dick slowly making into her making her moan softly. Grace pulled her tailoring uniform up to her waist and shifted her pant to the side, she circled her clit as he started to pick up pace making mama kola moans to get louder.

Grace pushed two fingers into her pussy as he pounded Mama Kola’s pussy, Grace loved the sound of her screaming as he rammed into her faster and faster. Her fingers disappeared in and out of her dripping pussy in rhythm with his fast strokes.

Mama Kola screamed before her body started quaking with her orgasm, he moved faster grunting as he did

“Come on top her nyansh” Grace blurted out

He slammed in fast and hard before pulling out and cumming all over Mama Kola’s big ass, Grace cried out with her own massive orgasm. When she came down from her orgasm she arranged her uniform and stood up.

“I go see una tommorow” She said before leaving smiling to herself.

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