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House Girl Grace hijacks Mama Kolade’s sex with boyfriend [Part 2] (18+)
By on January 6th, 2023. Stories (+18 Adult Stories)

Grace couldn’t wait for her madam and oga to leave for their work.

Her madam at the tailoring shop gave her the day off because she needed to attend a function. Grace’s madam had given her a lot of chores to do but that didn’t dose her excitement because she had plans.

All week she has been blackmailing Mama Kola and collecting money and gifts, she felt bad but she enjoyed the power she had. Grace told herself after today or would be the last time she blackmailed Mama Kola, watching her and her younger lover had been amazing but now Grace wanted that monster dick pounding her instead.

“Make sure you wash the leg of my trouser well well this time” her oga ordered

She nodded her head barely paying attention to the rest of the pointless instructions her madam gave out. They finally left and she did a little dance round the parlour. She quickly went out and poured out a bucket to go take her bath, she took the quickest shower and dressed up her pussy tingling with excitement.

When they was knock on the door she almost hit her leg racing to go open the door. The look on Mama Kolade face hit a chord in her heart.

“If today go well you dey free” Grace said to her

The visible relief on her face made Grace feel guilty, she thought about the dick waiting for her and her excitement returned. They walked to Mama Kolade’s room in silence with Grace picturing all the fucking she is going to be getting. Mama closed the door behind them and they walked into the room where the guy sat with his face in his palms.

He lifted up his face when they got in, he looked uninterested and angry but Grace did not care all she wanted was his big fat dick. She looked from mama kola to the guy communicating in silence. She removed her blouse exposing her full breast, the change from frustration to need in the guys eyes made her wet; she enjoyed seeing the effect she had on men.

He stood up and covered her mouth with a crushing urgent kiss that took her by surprise, he ran his ran from her waist up to cup her breasts. She moaned into his mouth as his strong hands squeezed her breast.

He pulled away from her lips and leaned down to talk her nipples into his mouth. He squeezed flicking his tongue over the hard nipple making her moan and push her chest forward into him. He dragged his mouth away from her breast and kissed her lips. He suddenly lifted her off the ground making her yelp into his mouth.

He laid her on the bed and hovered over her his weight on one of his elbows.

“They are so fine” He mused at her breast

He squeezed her breast harder making her squirm under him, his fingers tracked down her belly and disappeared under her skirt. Electricity shot through her as his fingers touched her clit. He rubbed it in circles before he stopped and pulled out his fingers, before she could protest he went off the bed and pull down her skirt and pant.

He took off his short and his dick sprang free making Grace’s pussy tingle in anticipation. Grace licked her lips watching as he stroked his dick,dick that would fuck her brains out. The thought of it sent her juices flowing like reading her mind he joined her on the bed.

He pushed a finger in her smiling at how ready she was, grabbing one of her legs and lifting it he guided his dick inside her. When he was fully lodged inside her he lifted her under leg pushing into her even deeper.

Grace moaned loudly as he stretched her deliciously, when he started move it felt like she would lose her mind. His eyes fixed on her bouncing boobs he started to ram into her faster and harder. Grace was screaming incoherently grabbing the sheets as her orgasm started to build. He dropped one of her legs and grabbed her boob, he squeezed her nipples till she whimpered from the pain.

The mixture of pain with pleasure drove her over the edge as her orgasm shot through her. His movement got erratic and harder. Grace threw her head back and saw Mama Kolade pumping her fingers in and out of her bushy pussy.

Watching Mama Kola cum from watching her cum sent another orgasm through her, she cried out as she trembled under him.

He pulled out fast and shot his seed all over her stomach before slumping in beside her.

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