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Housegirl Grace gives sex lesson to Madam’s last born! (18+)
By on January 3rd, 2023. Stories (+18 Adult Stories)

“Grace! Hurry up, he will be back any moment from now” Grace’s madam said loudly while rearranging the table she had arranged so many times.

They have been planning on surprising the youngest son when he gets back from school; it was his birthday.

Grace tasted the fried rice and smiled satisfied with her work since her Madam taught her how to properly make fried rice, this was the first time she was truly happy with the results. She quickly dished into a big ceramic plate that had a transparent cover and took it to her madam that placed it at a spot she reserved on the table.

“Bring out the wine and juice in the fridge,” Her madam said

She brought over the wine first gripping it carefully so it doesn’t slip and fall before going back for the juice. The table looked full and beautiful with a big cake in the middle of it all, her madam kept shifting and rearranging even though everything looked so perfect.

Her madam was about to say something to her when there was a knock on the door.

“Oh my God, he is here, places everyone. Charles, please get off your phone for one minute for your brother” her madam said

There was another knock, louder and desperate this time

“Grace go and get the door, make sure you act like everything is normal o,” her madam said

Grace rushed to the door and opened it to a frowning birthday boy

“What took you so long?” he asked before brushing past her

She quickly bolted the door and followed behind when she heard everyone shout “Surprise”

“Mommmm” he started

“I told you no party,” he said pouting

“that’s why it’s the only family my love and besides it’s your eighteenth birthday, how do you expect me not to make it special, now come over here and your mother a hug,” Her madam said

He tried not to smile but it was obvious he was pleased, they sang happy birthday to him and he cut into the cake while his brother took pictures on his phone.

Everyone took a seat at the dining table, Grace and her madam started dishing out food, they were fruit salads and peppered meat with all kind of snacks

“Now that you have come of age you can have some wine if you want,” her madam said

“Yes please” he answered holding out his cup

Her Madam poured some of the red liquid into his cup and everyone watched him take a dip before scrunching up his face

“So, how does it feel like to be legally adult,” Charles asked

“it sure doesn’t taste nice” he answered making everyone laugh.

So, my love, what would you like to do today? Go out for ice cream, go see a movie or” Her madam started

“Actually, I have a date with this girl from class,” He said

Charles whistled while Madam looked like she would laugh and cry at the same time

“My baby is all grown up, Charles would drive you later,” Her madam said

Charles was about to protest when he got interrupted

“I was hoping I could get some money to take a drop,” He said to his mom

She looked like she was contemplating it before finally saying okay.

The rest of the afternoon was so much fun, they ate told funny stories about the celebrant, played music and danced.

After everything was done, Grace cleared the table putting some leftover in the fridge. When she was done with the dishes, the house was practically empty.

Charles left just as it finished while Madam and Oga decided to go somewhere too. She walked to the living room where the birthday boy had the TV on but wasn’t watching it

“You dey okay?” She asked

“Why won’t I be” He snapped at her

“It’s your birthday but you look like say something bad happen” Grace said

He opened his mouth to say something but closed it back

“You fit tell me wetin dey wrong” She said

“I no go tell anybody” She added when he looked unsure

He regarded her for a while before taking a deep breath and looked at the ceiling

“The girl I am going out with wants to give me a special gift” He started

“You no like gifts?” Grace asked

“it’s not that she wants to have sex,” He said

Grace was confused, she taught he should be happy a girl wants to fuck him but he did not look like he was happy about it

“You no want fuck her” Grace asked

“Of course, I do” he snapped

“Toh, what’s the problem” She almost snapped

He covered his face with his palms before saying

“I once heard her say she doesn’t like Virgins”

Oh that was the problem

“I am just going to embarrass myself and become the laughing stock of the whole class,” He said

He sounded like he was going to cry

“What if I come too fast and she laughs at him” He started his voice breaking

“I can help you,” Grace said before she could stop herself

“You, you can? But how?” He asked looking up at her.

“You! you can? But how?” he asked looking up at her.

“Which time you suppose go see her” Grace asked

He quickly checked his wristwatch before looking up at her

“In about an hour” he answered looking unsure

She thought about some things silently humming which made him nervous, he was about to snap at her

“Errm I fit to teach you plenty things, I fit show you some tricks wey fit make her shout your name” Grace started making him looked relieved but curious

“but we no get time so I go just tell you wetin you go today for today,” She said

“First of all, you gat make yourself cum so that you go fit last” She added

“Hmmm how?” he asked looking confused

Grace clenched her fist like she was holding a dick and made jerking off motions

“Ohhh,” he said looking down

“Wetin?” Grace asked

“Nothing,” he said not looking at her

“Just tell me na wetin,” she said looking at him

“it’s nothing, it’s just I only tried it a few times and I never you know cum,” He said looking everywhere but her.

It surprised her that at his age not only has he never been with a girl but apparently doesn’t even know how to properly touch himself, it was more work needed to be done than she first anticipated.

She went to the door and made sure it was locked, when she came back he was still seating on the chair but regarding her with confusion.

“Comot your knicker” Grace ordered

“wh-what?” he asked

“Your trouser, comot am for your first lesson,” she said

Looking at her like, he was unsure he stood up slowly and slowly unbuckled his belt and then unzipped and slowly pull it down to his ankles before stepping out of the trouser.

His hands covered his bulge in his boxers making Grace fight the urge to roll her eyes.

“Promise you won’t laugh if it’s not big enough” he said

“I promise I no go laugh and even if e no big no be by the size of how big your thing be but now how you use am na him matter,” Grace said trying to encourage him.

Slowly still stealing unsure glances at her he slowly reached for the band of the boxers

“I can’t believe I’m doing this” He murmured under his breath

With one fast swoop, he pulled his boxer down till it was down to his ankles before kicking it off.

He stood there with his hands covering his junk slightly shivering like he was cold. Grace covered the small distance between them and pushing him slightly till he fell backward sitting naked on the couch. She used her legs to spread his legs a bit wider before squatting in between his legs.

“Before you start anything with any girl” She started slowly reaching for his hands that encased his manhood.

“You need to get the girl in the mood,” she said while prying his hands away.

“Girls no dey like boys wey small touch fit get them ready,” She said before slowly and gently grabbing his dick which immediately sprang up to life. He felt soft and smooth in her hands before the blood rushed into the head making him hard.

“You go need to kiss am, then kiss am for neck too,” she said

She gently stroked him from head to base getting impressed by the length he grew.

“You fit even lick her neck and lick her ear too, she go like am” Grace said

She gripped the base of his dick gently before stroking upwards making him moan. She opened her mouth and let some spit pour from her mouth onto the bulbous headof his dick. She stroked up to collect and smear it all over his dick enjoying the now smooth movement of her hands.

“and then you go touch and squeeze her breasts small small” She said

She grabbed her breast for emphasis with her free hand and squeezed gently while stroking his dick with a slow up and down rhythm. She dipped her hand inside her top and pull out her breast smiling when his eyes grew wider.

“Then play with the nipples like this” she said before pinching her nipples as he moaned

She rolled the nipples in between her thumb and index finger before pulling it and letting go. She started to stroke his dick up and down faster occasionally rubbing a thumb over his sensitive pee hole and enjoying how it made him jerk slightly.

“After you play with her bress and she start to show you say she Don ready” She started moving her hand up and down faster

“Put your hand inside her pant and make your finger enter her small” She continued stroking him faster

“when she Don ready comot her pant make she lie down for bed” she said

She added more spit on his dick and started stroking him faster

“Then you put your thing inside and puna come dey comot am small and push am inside,” She said her movements getting faster while his breathing got more erratic.

“it-it-it’s happening” he cried out

She immediately covered the head with her warm mouth and stroked him even faster, he immediately cried out and went still before shooting loads and loads of hot cum inside her mouth. She swallowed moaning softly at how sweet and creamy he tasted.

“You don finish the first lesson be dat” She said smirking wickedly as he laid back on the couch panting heavily.

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