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Housegirl Grace: Sunday Morning with Madam’s son (18+)
By on January 3rd, 2023. Stories (+18 Adult Stories)

The smile Grace had on as she worked the remote control was so wide you could see it from a mile away. She sat down and went through all the channels before settling on the one showing telenovellas.

When her madam told her she had to stay back and cook because they would be having friends over she was filled with joy. Not only does she get to avoid the Sunday activities, she also gets the whole house and television all to herself.

Picking up the glass of juice on the stool beside her she sipped and watched the reruns of the telenovella about a poor girl that gets the attention of the sons of the rich people she worked for and all the other people that did not like her who always get her in all kinds of trouble.

In a way Grace related with the girls plight and often wished she had the attention of the son of wealthy people. Thirty minutes into the show she was on the edge of her seat anticipating the picnic her heroine was on to get sabotaged when they was a knock

“Ohhhh na who fit be that now” She grumbled

She stood watching till there was another frantic knock on the door, frowning she dragged her feet to the door. Not bothering to to hide her scrawl she opened the door to the eldest son holding a nylon bag and smiling.

When he noticed her face he raised an eyebrow

“Happy to see you too” he said rolling his eyes

He walked past her and she locked the door hurriedly. She immediately got back to watching her movie

“Ohh now it makes sense” He said from the sofa opposite hers

“I interrupted your precious Telemundo” He added mockingly

“and here I was thinking I would fake a minor sickness and get out of church early so we could have some fun” He continued

She looked her and smiled shyly

“if you weren’t so cute especially when you smile I would have just kept what I got for you” He said

She immediately lit up her smile getting even wider and almost shrieked when he brought out two small cans of ice cream. With a smile as bright as the sun she walked over to him and collected the strawberry flavored ice cream

“Thank you” she said smiling

She sat down and ate her ice cream while watching her telenovellas. The cold sensation and burst of flavor had her moaning slightly. She looked over at him when she had him chuckle

“Never gets old” He said laughing

She smiled and looked away before scooping more of the cold goodness, when one of the son of the wealthy son kissed the maid after comforting her when one of the wicked girls was got her in trouble, grace turned and got him watching her.

The look of pure fire he had sent a jolt of sweet tingle to her pussy. They exchanged looks and he slowly walked Toward her. She was about to drop the ice cream when he held up his hand

“Nah! Let’s see how well you can keep your focus” He said

She was confused not understanding what he was talking about till he squatted and pull down her skirt, then her pant

“You shaved! Damn” He said panting

It dawned on her what he was about to do when he pulled her till her buttocks were hanging off the edge of the seat

“Enjoy your movie and the ice cream while I enjoy your cream” He said smirking

She took a deep breathe and turned to watch the show when he covered her mould with his cold mouth making her almost jump back but he held unto her and pulled her more into him. Her breathing got faster as he started to suck, she kept her eyes on the TV but not really watching as he sucked hard. She moaned loudly when he ran his tongue up and down her slit.

Her hands wanted to do something desperately ; push his head further in, squeeze her breasts or just grab the sheets as he made her entire body tingle with his mouth. He started to fuck her with his tongue pushing in and out slowly at first then faster

“Ahh yes yes ah ohh” She moaned loudly

She didn’t realize when she had dropped the ice cream and started squeezing her breasts through her clothes. He slipped one finger into her making her moan softly before adding another finger and increased his pace.

He clamped down on her clit as his fingers moved faster in and out of her making a swooshing sound as her juices started to flow more. Her squeezing got more frantic as he sucked and finger fucked her faster. Her body started to tense up and she knew she was close to ecstasy and he knew it too so he dug his tongue under the hood of her clit and stroked the sensitive knob pushing her over the edge.

The grabbed the seats as an intense orgasm racked through her making her shake all over. He came up his face covered in her juices

“Damn I did not expect to enjoy that as much as I did, we should do that more” He said before pushing out his tongue and leaked off her juices around his mouth. She definitely agreed with him.

Looking at the TV she saw her show was over but missing the ending was totally worth it.

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