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Moving In with Babe & Her Mum II (18+)
By on January 3rd, 2023. Stories (+18 Adult Stories)

I moved to the bench press and quickly did some sets. I added some weight to each side. Resuming my lying position, I moved the weight off the rack and did a couple reps. My chest really began to burn on my fourth rep down and I struggled to get it up. Just then a female set of hands grabbed hold of the bar and helped me get it the rest of the way up.

“How many more you got left?” Ms Jumoke’s voice asked.

“At least three more..” I grunted. She encouraged me to keep going. I did the last few reps with her help. Then I let the bar fall heavily onto the rack.

“Hey thanks, I definitely could not have done those last ones without you,” I said.

“No problem. Besides It wasn’t completely selfless. Would you mind supporting me on the squat rack? I just really want to make sure my form is good.” She answered.

“Oh sure, of course,” I said. I followed behind her to the squat rack. My eyes were glued to her muscular ass as she walked. Then I realized we were standing in front of a giant mirror and she could probably see me, I looked up quickly.

“Just make sure my feet stay shoulder width apart, my back is straight, and I am going down past ninety degrees.” She instructed me. She obviously knew what she was doing, “And while you support me stand directly behind me and keep your hands on the underneath of my ribcage to help me lift up. But don’t help too much, make me work for it.”

She got situated and lifted the bar off the rack. I took my place behind her and reached around her sides and placed my hands on the bottom of her ribcage. If I had moved my hands just a couple of inches up I could have felt the curvature of her breasts. She bent at the knees and squatted down, keeping her back straight she thrust her butt backwards. I copied her motion and followed her down, trying to keep some space between our bodies.

But at the bottom of her squat, it was impossible, her firm ass cheeks brushed against my crotch.

She shot back up. Then she repeated the motion nine more times. Each time her butt pushed against my crotch. I was so thankful that I had worn my compression shorts because by the end of her first set I had a raging hard-on. Could she feel it? I don’t know, I hoped not. By now sweat droplets formed everywhere her skin was exposed. Each time she squatted her glutes, quads and calves flexed. On top of that, the reflection of the mirror gave me the front angle as well, each time she dropped down I got a flash of her cleavage.

It was too much, and by the end of her final set, my raging hard-on was throbbing.

“Thanks for the support. I’m going to do some core and then I think I’m done for the day.” She told me.

“Yeah, I think I’m done for the day too.”

“Hey, why don’t we just share a ride from now on?” she asked.

“Yeah, no sense in driving two cars.”

“Okay, sounds good. I’ll see you at home.” She said.

We shared a ride from then on. We never missed a Saturday. Sometimes Temi came with us, but most of the time she chose to sleep instead. When Temi didn’t come Ms Jumoke would always ask me to spot her for certain lifts. I noticed she never went without makeup again after that first time. And I was sure to never forget the compression shorts. We talked on the drives to and from the gym. I told her about school.

We talked about Temi. She told me how things were at the office. She worked for a company that sold health and beauty products, bath soap, antiaging cream, etc. Which made sense, Ms. Jumoke was obsessed with living healthily and taking care of her body. Every now and then she told me about the guys she was dating.

We were getting to know each other better. But it never felt like a ‘friend to friend’ thing. It was more like an authority figure giving advice and counselling to a younger person. She definitely treated me like a kid. I often found myself looking forward to seeing her when I got home.

But when I caught myself thinking of Ms Jumoke I mentally scolded myself and directed my thoughts either back to the lecture or towards Temi.

“You’re home late,” Temi said to me as I kicked off my shoes at our bedside.

“Sorry. I was at the library writing a paper.” I shed my shirt and pants and collapsed into bed next to her. I snuggled up next to her and wrapped an arm around her torso. She was braless, wearing one of my t-shirts and panties. I slid my hand underneath her shirt and grabbed a handful of boobs. She slapped my hand away.

“Your hands are freezing!” she hissed. I laughed.

“Well help me warm them up. You know it’s been a while. Want to fool around?” I asked her and kissed the back of her neck.

“I’m pretty tired. How about tomorrow?” she asked.

“But were just as busy tomorrow.” My hand moved back to her breast. They must have warmed by now because she didn’t slap it away.

“Fine. But just a quick hand job. I have to get up early in the morning.” She rolled over so that she was facing me. Then she reached down and her hand quickly slipped underneath the waistband of my underwear. She allowed me to continue massaging her breasts as she fondled my balls. Then she grabbed hold of my soft dick and gave it a squeeze.

“Come on, get hard for me babe.” She ordered me. With her free hand, she started massaging her other breast, the one I was neglecting. She knew I liked that.

Slowly my limp dick began to grow and expand until her small hand could hardly wrap all the way around it. She rolled back over, reached over to a bottle of lotion on her nightstand, shot two squirts into her hand and then was back.

With a hand full of lotion, she easily slid all the way along all seven-plus inches of my cock. She pumped up and down and twisted her hand like a corkscrew while she did. My dick was soon lathered in the lotion. She varied her pace from time to time. She slowed, squeezing harder as she did. Then she picked up the pace again and stroked me fast. Back and forth.

“Ahhh” a soft moan escaped my lips.

“That’s it, cum for me babe, Cum for me.” She whispered hotly into my ear and increased her pumping speed. I could feel it coming, like an eruption it started in my balls and sent a hot load up my shaft, out my head and onto my stomach. Temi slowed her pace but kept stroking me. After the initial load, a few smaller squirts of jizz seeped out of the head of my penis.

“Are you done?” Temi asked. Her sultry voice was replaced with a normal one now.


She kissed me quickly on the mouth and rolled over.

“That must be a record time. Goodnight babe.”

“Goodnight Temi.” I replied. I took a pillowcase off one of the pillows and used it to wipe up my jizz, then discarded it onto the floor. I laid my head back and closed my eyes. Temi was right, it was a record time for getting me off. I decided to keep to myself that while she was jacking me off I was fantasizing it was her Mom lying next to me, stroking my cock.

The next time I came home that late I found Temi was already asleep. I didn’t blame her. She had a busy schedule, so did I. It just seemed the free time we did have in our schedules never overlapped. I brushed my teeth, got ready for bed and then snuggled in under the covers next to Temi’s warm body. I was just about to drift off into dreamland when I heard people’s footsteps on the floor above us.

One went “click, clack”. That must be Ms Jumoke’s heels. The others were much heavier, “Thump, thump.” That must be her date. I forget his name, but she had been seeing this guy for the longest of all of them. I could hear muffled voices, and now and then, the man would give a hearty laugh.

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