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Call Me Everyday Chris Brown Ft Wizkid 2:26
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Queensley The Squirter (18+)
By on January 9th, 2023. Stories (+18 Adult Stories)

I’m Fatima but my friends call me Teema.

I love the sound of that and I roll with it because it has a nice tune to it, you know?

I’m more of an ambivert and staying home is sure the order of my day. My week started like every other week (Well, I have a boring routine I stick to) but with a little twist to it.

Who else wakes up on Monday morning so horny??? Well me, and I guess thousands if not millions worldwide!

I got my cup of coffee and lit up my cigarette to start my day and 30 minutes in, I could barely concentrate.

My pussy needed to be fed and my single ass couldn’t do anything about that.

“Who needs a partner when you can use sex toys??” I said to myself.

So, I spread my legs apart and decided I was going to get freaky with my bullet. It didn’t take 10 minutes to realise it wasn’t what I needed. I tried my rabbit, clit sucker and bomb but I didn’t feel satisfied.

Maybe I got too used to my toys, my organs have plateaued to my toys? I got up annoyed and went about my day, cranky AF.

Later in the day, I contacted the sex shop and ordered a wand. I have always wished for it and it wouldn’t hurt to try something new, you know as my present bouquet of toys is useless.

In the process of gisting with the vendor, I asked for a female plaything. The owner is a bad guy and he came through with a bang and sent me a contact.

We started the conversation and she was head over heels and excited that I buzzed. apparently, she had heard a lot about me.


Chatting with Queensley was fun. She sounded like I was some god to her and I didn’t mind being worshipped, she met every standard physically for me except for the fact that I wished she had an enormous ass.

Well, I’m that lady who can’t help but keep drooling over big asses!

A day later, Tuesday evening actually, Queensley buzzed to come over to see me for the first time and I gave her my address. I didn’t think I was going to have sex with her because I love to get to know my toys first before eating them up.

We have got all the time, so why not?

1 hour later she is at my house and the first thing I noticed was her boobs.

Mehn!!!! They looked so cute and full and her nipples were so hard even from her bra. I had to focus on her face and resist the temptation.

“Nice apartment”, she said and I smiled back saying thank you. I ushered her into my room because I wanted to smoke and be free. offered her a bottle of vodka while I sipped on my Campari.

She spotted my bookshelf and was amazed at how many books I owned. She never felt Nigerian authors were a thing to be addicted to and I smiled through her amazement.

She spotted my Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and was mind blown, she said she had always wanted to read them, I said she could. (Mental note, “always make your toys happy”)

A few of my friends came over to drink with me and one of the guys couldn’t stop staring at her. I laughed and said she was mine to eat and I wouldn’t be sharing.

I noticed she couldn’t keep eye contact with me. She would look away and become so timid and damn that was some crazy high for me. I sat directly opposite her smoking and staring at her and I could see how uncomfortable she was and that shit was turning me the fuck on.

Unconsciously she was inviting my alter ego and she had no clue what she was doing

Let me tell you about my alter ego.

I like to call her Diezani. She is a fucking handful and it’s so hard to control her when she comes to play. She loves timid people so much because it massages her ego and all she could ever think about is how to completely tame you.

She is a natural Dominatrix and seeks a submissive to devour. She is the “SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED”. oh my, I just deviated. Back to the story.

My friends decided to leave a few minutes to 10, I walked them to the car. One of the guys asked for her number and she declined and I could hear Diezani say “good girl” to her.

I locked her in my house to saw them off. I got back home and Queensley was out of her clothes kneeling by my bed.

Damn, this bitch was sexy as fuck, I couldn’t help but appreciate the fact that she had a black net bra on and her G-string was black as well.

So sexy!! No wonder her nipples couldn’t help but be obvious.

I sat down and stared at her while she remained in that position not making eye contact with me. At this point, Teema was nowhere to be found and Diezani was in full action, SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED.

I asked her to look at me and she could barely do it. Damn, I loved the rush it gave, she finally spoke,

“Tell me what you want and I promise to do everything”

I replied, “Everything?”
“Everything mama”
“Take off your pant and bra. I want to see you naked and do it slowly for my pleasure”
“Yes mama”

She goes ahead to take them off slowly with little or no eye contact and I could feel my pussy twitch with every move she made

“You like it, mama?”
“Touch yourself for me… Lay down and spread your legs and show me your pussy”
“Yes mama”

She goes ahead to do as instructed, it was so sexy with every move she made.

Her perfect nails circled around her clit slowly while her free hand squeezed her nipples.

Godammit!!! I am fucking wet already staring at her.

She begins to moan and I get lost in her sound.
“Put your fingers inside”

She begins to fuck herself and was moaning mama mama mama and I lost it totally.

“Beg me to have you. Tell me how bad you want me.” She began to beg while she fucked herself and I kept screaming louder with a voice so stern and she matched my energy.

Damn….. She isn’t allowed to cum so I stopped her

“Come to mama baby”. She approached crawling to me, and all I wished for was to see her in chains.

Well, don’t blame me……. Diezani is a handful

I held her face and asked her to keep staring at me. She continued to do that and I kissed her passionately. My right hand scooped her boobs and felt her nipples so hard begging me to taste them.

I began to squeeze her nipples as hard as I could and I felt her grinding underneath me. I put my lips on her nipple and sucked on it like my life depended on it.

She kept moaning my name, that shit fucking turned me on. I caught the other nipple and did the same to it. I took my mouth off and started to kiss her all over and watched her body shake with every move I made.

She kept begging for more and I loved how she shook underneath me, that shit made me want to touch her more.

I finally found my way in between her thick thighs and started to kiss them. My finger found her clit and she was wet AF. I planted kisses on them and spread her legs wide open. I started to suck on that clit like I hadn’t eaten in a long time.She tasted so good, so I made her happy. I moved my left hand to her nipples while I inserted my right fingers into her. I felt her walls clench and her body shake, I loved it. I continued finger fucking her while I sucked the life out of her pussy while squeezing every bit of her nipples

I heard a scream and I knew she was about to cum and I stopped

I needed her to beg for more and she did. I got up, went to have a stick of cigarette and she was lying down so sad.

I asked her to touch herself after a while and she began to do it…..

I finished my stick and brought out my wand. She saw the size of it and her eyes lit up and I could see her smiling

Well.. well… well… Let’s turn this shit up!

I brought out my other vibrator that’s a dick and turned it on as well, this bitch is gonna get fucked tonight and I’m not gonna show mercy. I went back to her clit and sucked on it while I inserted the dick in her and fucked her with it. She kept screaming and I didn’t stop.

“Please mama, fuck me, own me, break me, bruise me” for every request she gave, I fucked her harder for it.

I am Diezani and I must be obeyed! You don’t give me orders!!!

She came and I saw her legs shaking. I took off the dick and turned on the wand. it’s time for me to have my fair share of fun because I am so fucking wet

I put the wand in between us and I took the position to scissor. clit to clit is a form of high for me but it’s crazier when there is something vibrating with each movement

I put one of her legs on my shoulder and spread that pussy apart for my pleasure. I put the wand between us and started to grind.

Fucking shit!!!!!!! Damn baby

I was grinding hard and she was matching my energy.

I started to grind faster after increasing the speed of the vibration, then I heard her screaming so loud. “Oh my god….. mama….. mama…… fuck me….. mama….. damn…. please don’t stop….. mama……”

I was about to cum, then I slowed when I felt a strong push against me. she had squirt all over and her legs couldn’t stop shaking.

I pulled her back in and continued to grind with just our pussy in contact. she squirts again and every time it happened, I felt like a god

I came so hard and I felt my pussy twitch back to back like it was so happy to have been fed.
I got up and went to clean up, she was so shy.

She apologized for my soaked bed and said it was her first time squirting, that information massaged my ego so much and I kissed her and told her I loved it

I gave her a bath and cuddled her to sleep.

I woke her up in the morning with a bullet in between her legs while I sucked on her nipples.
She woke up moaning and I enjoyed the sounds out of her grumpy morning voice. She started to shake and clench my sheets and I flipped her over. I needed that ass in full view.

You know how you cut onions in equal halves and place them side by side? Onion butty baby!!!
I spanked her ass as hard as I could. She has been a naughty girl waking up late and making me miss her pussy….. she deserves to be punished

I slid the dick vibrator into her wet pussy and started to fuck her from behind. Damn I could hear her wet pussy and her moans made me hungry for more

I grabbed her hair with one hand and pulled her to me and instructed her to keep teasing that clit with the bullet. (Ain’t I generous? LoL)

I pleasured her till she came and she kissed me, good morning

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