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The Bachelor (Part 2) 18+
By on January 9th, 2023. Stories (+18 Adult Stories)

Being a simple woman, she didn’t beat the girl thinking maybe it was her husband that took advantage of her and it was her fault for sending her home to her husband with no one else around. She made it a silent affair and invited Simbi to her church the following Sunday.

The boss met with one of her trusted pastors ahead of Sunday and explained what happened. She needed him to advise Simbi and pray for the girl.

After service that Sunday, Simbi left with the pastor to the counselling room where they spoke at length about what happened between her and her boss’s husband. After the counselling and prayer, the boss had no other choice but to dismiss Simbi from her shop. This is what we heard:

Simbi was already digging this young pastor and was already wondering about what the tool under his white garment would look like. So, when she was asked about what happened between her and her boss’s husband Simbi didn’t mince words, she explicitly explained how it had started from how she seduced him, made him suck her breasts, and how she had ridden him.

She didn’t leave out details like how she loved to suck his dick till he cums in her mouth and how she loves his dick hitting her womb when she fucks her from behind. When Simbi finally finished talking, the pastor had no words. He quietly stood up and grabbed a bottle of anointing oil.

Simbi was made to kneel. He made her know she was possessed by an evil spirit and that she must be freed immediately. The pastor sprinkled oil on her before he started praying in tongues.

He was praying with his eyes closed and by the time he finished and opened his eyes he almost died of shock at what he saw. Simbi had relieved herself of her blouse and brassiere leaving her boobs bare for all eyes to see. What more?

She was smearing anointing oil all over her nipples. The flabbergasted pastor asked what she was doing and she replied saying she was announcing her boobs because it is what is always making her around so that must be where the devil is. She asked if the pastor would help her with it since he is a spiritualist, he should be able to do a better job.

Pastor played all his defences but the babyish look on Simbi’s face held him captive and soon he collected the oil from her and was running it all over her nipples and areolas. The touch and oil turned Simbi on to no end and her eyes continued to flicker. She had no other choice but to moan sonorously to the pastor’s touch.

In her kneeling position, she saw his dick rising in his garment, she got him exactly where she wanted. She grabbed his throbbing dick with the intent that she wasn’t going to let go until it made her orgasm.

The pastor kept screaming “Sani satani” but that’s none of Simbi business.

She got the dick out of his garment and wrapped her lips around it, the pastor went quiet almost immediately. When she swallowed his dick again, he sighed and moaned audibly enough for Simbi to hear. She scoffed, wrapped her little palm around his dick, and blew that dick like she wanted to pull it off his crotch.

When her jaw started to ache, she pulled away and let the pastor know that the demon had left her boobs and was now in her pussy. He didn’t hesitate this time and he just pushed her shoulder blades down till her back was on the bare ground.

He quickly harvested her skirt and panty, Simbis’s pussy was wet but he wanted to deal with a demon so he poured the anointing oil on his dick before pushing it in her pussy. It went in smooth and he immediately started to fuck her hard. A demon can’t be dealt with lightly.

He rammed into her hard and fast, she grabbed hold of his waist but her moans were still as angelic as ever. He would make her a member of the choir, he thought but she cut thought short when she rolled off and presented her pussy to him in a doggie position. He had no issues, a little more anointing oil and he was back fucking the demons out of her with her boobs vibrating on her chest.

It was during this sex that her boss came in. She was more than shocked to see what was happening and right there, she told Simbi to not resume as her apprenticeship had been terminated from that moment.

Well I didn’t hear the rest of the gist, people laughed and mocked Simbi for being a cheap slut but hey, I could use some of That girl right now. I’d just take care of her and we’ll sample each other’s work on a low.

Girls like that didn’t give dick appointments and miss it yunno.

Well, that’s that… Shit! My rice is burnt! >Phone Rings< Yea… Really? Ohhh… A’ight then, no Wahala. Well, what do you know? Joy is on her way… Ehhh… And Grace is also on her way.

From being left hanging to a threesome, the kind of things that happen when you have a 7 inches dick and know how to use it. Bye guys…these girls will meet me here naked.

Light fades out…

The End

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